League of Legends Overlay
It displays your ranked score or the runes using in game in real time.

Q. My overlay is not updated.
A. There are 4 reasons why the overlay is not updated:

1. Temporary problem

This is the most common case, and overlays may not be updated temporarily due to our server problems or Riot API server problems.

In this case, because it's a temporary problem, it can be fixed naturally over time.

Also, you can check here to see if it's a problem with Riot API server.

2. When playing a game without overlays

All overlays are designed to protect privacy by updating only when streamers are using the overlay.

For example, if you used the overlay when you were Platinum and didn't use the overlay when you were promoted to Diamond, the overlay would continue to display Platinum.

In this case, once you play the game with the overlay in use, it will update normally.

3. Problem with Riot account in use

In rare cases, if your account is banned or not normally registered from Riot server, the overlay may not be updated.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem we can solve, and please contact Riot.

4. When the overlay data is automatically deleted from our DB

All overlays are automatically deleted from our database if they are unused for more than 6 months or become inoperable due to some errors.

In this case, you can create new overlay and use it.

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